Article in PMS & AIF Special Edition Magazine

We are witnessing a transition of investment from traditional assets to more financial assets. This trend has begun quite a long ago but the impetus has been more so in last few years on various steps on financial inclusion and awareness. There are still 126 lakh crores (June 30, 2019) lying in bank deposits which may find its way towards new avenues. Also, there is a change in mindset among promoters of companies as well as investors i.e. moving from self-management to professional management. Also, with constant changing business and financial market scenario, a need for a professional manager will become a necessity. Today, with the help of technology and platforms like PMSBAZAAR, an investor has an access to information of various strategies on a single click. However, an investor is looking beyond performance and likes to appoint a portfolio manager who has aligned his interest with investor’s interest, who is more accessible and provide customisation as per investor’s risk profile, etc. This expectation of an investor is creating a space for boutique firms like portfolio managers which we feel keep growing in coming years.